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Remember how we used to play with toys as kids and felt so content, so happy? Things were so simple back then. Our adult lives are full of experiences, good and bad, excitement, decisions, surprises… But it is that simplicity that is missing so much from our adult lives.

We, at PLOOSH, felt there was no reason for it to be that way and this is exactly why PLOOSH was created. PLOOSH brings back the whimsy and freedom of childhood to our adult lives, all while enhancing our own personal style. The PLOOSH animal purse is both, chic and playful which makes it one of the most unique and endearing fashion accessories. Each PLOOSH has its own distinct personality and is meticulously hand-crafted using genuine Italian leather, adorned with Swarovski crystals and complete with a spacious tummy pocket. Down to the smallest detail, each PLOOSH is created to remind you of that child-like moment of delight. From the whimsical smile, to the curl of the tail, to the gleam of their crystal eyes, PLOOSH is an embodiment of playful luxury.

PLOOSH animal purse is a one-of-a-kind accessory that has won the hearts of many celebrities such as Niki Taylor, Mr. Jay Manuel, Jene Luciani, Adriana De Moura and Vincent De Paul to name a few. It has appeared in multiple fashion shows during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and is quickly becoming a new and coveted fashion accessory.

PLOOSH accessories are available in three sizes, from the small PLOOSH which serves as a playful yet elegant clutch or a purse thanks to its roomy tummy pocket, to a medium or a large PLOOSH which will add a unique and personalized touch to your home. Whether you want to take a PLOOSH purse with you or decorate your home with a large PLOOSH, it will take you to a warm and secure place where you were as a child all while adding style and refinement to your personal look or the look of your home décor. Surprise someone you care about with an exquisite and unique gift by giving them a PLOOSH animal purse and your gift is guaranteed to become a conversation piece and bring warmth and childlike excitement to them.

PLOOSH is committed to excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and custom one-of-a-kind accessories. Take one look at a PLOOSH toy and you will fall in love.

Each PLOOSH is handmade and may take up to two weeks to manufacture and deliver.

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