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This PLOOSH features silky smooth faux navy leather, sparkling crystal collar and Swarovski crystal eyes. Light and huggable, this PLOOSH is a part of the new PLOOSH DOWNTOWN collection. It has a tummy pocket that will fit all your essential belongings. Order it in a medium or a large size and use it as an interior design accessory with plenty of room for storage. Now in Xtra Small and XTRA ADORABLE size for girls! Xtra Small PLOOSH purse is equipped with not one but two pockets!

The Navy Blue Hippo

10" x 3.5" x 5.5"
Price: $141.00
Toy Description
  • Premium faux navy leather
  • Swarovski crystal eyes
  • Crystal collar
  • Tummy pocket 

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The Navy Blue Hippo
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